Mary (May) Kenny with her husband Leslie James and her daughter Christina (Queenie)
Mary (May) Kenny with her husband Leslie James
and her daughter Christina (also known as Queenie)

Owen Kenny (Ownie)
m. Kate

one child Mary (May)




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Owen and Kate had one child, Mary, always known as May. She is the Auntie "May Rod" in the Kenny family photograph. She married first Lesley James and had two daughters, Mary and Christina (known as Queenie, for some reason).  Lesley died young and Mary died in her late teens, of what I do not know though I think it could have been T.B. 

May later married Ernie Roderick and had two more daughters, Phyllis and Maureen. Phyllis went to St Mary's and left in 1948. In 1949 she was killed while riding her bike near Queen's gardens. I think a lorry hit her. Maureen and I were roughly the same age. When her mother died she looked after her father and worked in Jackson's on Holderness Road, Hull.  She married an Irishman but they separated. Maureen suffered from asthma all her life. She had a daughter called Leslie but I never met her. Maureen went into hospital to have her sinuses cleared out and died on the operating table. She was about 45, I think.  Queenie was a barmaid, great fun and very kind hearted. Mum and her younger sisters loved her.

When Phyllis died, May had a typical Irish wake and we all had to go to view the coffin which was laid out on trestles in the front room in the house in Kelvin Street. That was the last time I saw Queenie. She moved to Southsea, I think. I had a letter from her once when she was quite old. She was married but never had any children. Auntie May never really got over Phyllis' death.  She was always visiting the grave and cleaning it, and even had the marble chippings changed to a different colour after a few years. 

I have memories of being taken to Auntie May's house and being left with Phyllis while Mum and May went to the pictures. I can remember Phyll washing  Maureen and I and getting us ready for bed. I don't think she really wanted to as she was always very heavy handed and nearly scrubbed the skin off us. (Information from Kathleen Gooding, Owen's great niece.)

Mary Kenny's wedding to Leslie James

Christina James, also known as Queenie, daughter of Mary Kenny and Leslie James

Phyllis Roderick, daughter of Mary Kenny and Ernie Roderick

Phyllis Roderick with her cousin Zeta McLaren, granddaughter of Bridget Kenny (married Patrick Fitzpatrick)

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